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we are a private medical group, established in 2018 concern with Health, Tourism & Hospitality wellness, spa & medical travel as well as we are providing the best integrated medical services at the best possible prices with the different.

Our Mission

Your health is our priority

Our service offering

We provide all services to make the patients comfortable with the affordable treatment.


Step 1

send your medical report

Step 2

We will send the report to the hospital for the best opinions & treatment plan

Step 3

Consultation with a medical specialist via e-mail and also the choice of online consultation (Tele-consultation).

Step 4

We will arrange & schedule all pre_travel documents (Visa application and Airline tickets).

Step 5

In the country of treatment, we provide Residence & Translation.

Step 6

We will offer full support throughout your treatment process.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

Stephen Hawking



India represents the largest potential medical tourism market in the world. Factors such as low cost, scale, and range of treatments along with expertise provided differentiate it from other medical destinations, it also acts as a vacation spot for many recover after their treatment. with India turning into a medical hospice, it’s sunshine.

Egypt (For all specialists)

Today, Egypt appears to have all the ingredients of medical tourism hub. Weather, proximity to Europe, affordable price for both treatments and tourism attractions a wide range of services at integrated medical centers, and healthcare professionals with international education and training should make Egypt a favorable destination.

Russia (Ophthalmology)

Patients from all over the world come to Russia o treat their eyes. This success is due to a combination of high professionalism and the introduction of advanced technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Other Countries

Our exclusive advantage online clinic consultation

Good Life Group Company is a private group of companies, established in 2018, consisting of four sub-companies … (GL. Medical, GL. Contracting, GL. Information Technology and GL. Travel and tourism).